Monday, October 22, 2012

Alternative to Traditional Post-Secondary Education

Cosmetology Schools in Louisiana

Published on by: Michelle Hays

Whether it's basic economics or a calling to strike out on a unique path not everyone has their eyes on a traditional college education. For these people there are alternatives to traditional types of post-secondary education. Cosmetology schools are one of the most popular choices for people who want a professional career where creativity, passion and fun more than a boring desk job.

Cosmetology Careers offer employment flexibility and good income potential.

Cosmetology schools are especially good places for people who want to pursue a career that offers emoloyment flexibiliy and good income potential, but that don't have $100,000 for major college tuition. And because financial aid is available almost anyone can find a way to pay for cosmetology school.

When you compare earnings potential in the first few years after completing the required curriculum, people pursuing cosmetology careers can often outpace college graduates in paying off student loans.

Cosmetology Schools Give Students Career Options

People that choose to enroll in a cosmetology school typically share the desire to work with people, practice a trade where creativity is encouraged and have options in where they work, hours they work and how much money they can make each day.

Cosmetology schools usually offer students course curriculum to pursue full cosmetology training, manicurist training and cosmetology teacher training. The csts for these options are not the same, and generally speaking open doors for slightly different types of employment.

Full Cosmetology Training

Choosing to complete the full cosmetology training means, with license in hand, means that you can pursue any of a large assortment of job specialities. From hair stylists and make-up artists, to beuticians or salon owner you will have a lot of choices for employment. It's worth emphasizing that with a cosmetology license you can do more than look for a job - you can start and own your own business!

Manicurist Training

The manicurist option is the shortest course work of the three choices. The manicuring course allows you to finish school sooner and start making money sooner. When you finish this corse work and get your license you will be qualified to find emplyment in most any town in America.

Teacher Training

The teacher training curriculum is designed for people who want to serve as instructors at cosmetology schools or beauty schools. This education option requires more time to complete than the cosmetology or manicuring curriculum. A distinct advantage of this option is that by completing this course work you can always choose to pursue almost any type of cosmetology employment.

If a cosmetology career path is of interest to you then you should take some time to explore what is available in your area. There are many more cosmetology schools in any state than there are colleges or universities. Attending a cosmetology school probably won't require you to move away from home and pay for housing. We invite you to contact us to learn more about what we offer to people looking for cosmetology schools in Louisiana.

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